№ 6 War in the Arctic[The Unknown War]. (1979)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of Ejr Tajm Internejshnl

Director: Kristi L.

Script writers: Itskov I., Karmen R., Slavin K.

Composers: Gedravichus L.

Anouncers: Lanovoy V.

Text writers: Slavin K.


The film about the Great Patriotic War is dedicated to the war in the Arctic Region.

World War II


Temporary description

1 hour - Landscapes Arctic. Sea. They shoot the Soviet and German ships, coastal artillery fire. Soviet anti-aircraft guns firing at German aircraft. 2 hour - Life German soldiers: cook dinner, sit around the campfire and more. The German planes were bombing Murmansk. Transfer of the submarine crew. Lunina detonates a German ship. Admiral Golovko award sailor. Sailors read the letter. 3 pm - Life and Service of the German soldiers. The Soviet soldiers are reindeer sledding, storming the village. Work port of Murmansk. Icebreaker "Sibiryakov" conducts convoy ships. Soviet sailors drop depth charges. 4 hours - Allied ships in the sea. English planes dropped bombs on a German submarine. Naval guns fired on the German aircraft. Falls burning plane. Sinks ship. Rescue sailors from a sinking ship. Unloading of ships of the Allies. 5 hour - Maisky Soviet Ambassador to Britain, gives the Soviet awards British pilots. Marshal Meretskov watching the battle. 6 pm - Town Pechenga. Captured German soldiers. Norwegians welcome the Soviet soldiers. Monument in Murmansk.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

B. Lancaster says the card (simultaneously in English.


Port in


B. Lancaster said at berth (simultaneously in English.


Cemetery in Murmansk, where buried Soviet, American and British soldiers who died during the Second World War, during the escort Allied convoys.

Monuments on the graves of the American sailors and British artillery.

Monument to Soviet soldiers who died list of names on the monument.

Sailboat in the sea.

Barents Sea - beach, seagulls over the sea.

Fleeing deer.

The sea in the ice.

Polar bears are jumping from ice to water.

The ice is moving ship.

Newsreel of the 30's:

Polar explorer sets up a flag with the portrait of Stalin.

I. Papanin with polar explorers at the flag.

Polar at the tent, I. Papanin the dog.

Newsreel 1940:

German cruiser in polar waters, a German plane flying over the mountains.

Military factories in Germany - casting metal, shells, guns, tank production.

Adolf Hitler greets a naval officer.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Flying the swastika flag, German ships are sailing in the Kola Peninsula.

German sailor looking through binoculars, aiming guns at the target, shoot German naval guns, explosions on the water.

Soviet sailors are preparing weapons to fight, shoot Soviet guns.

Commander gives orders sailors shoot shore guns.

Battery commander Captain Kosmachev looks into the device, shooting guns.

Kosmachev inspects the remains of the ship.

Nurse pulls the wounded, the wounded Soviet sailors, a doctor bandaging the wounded.

German planes in the air, firing anti-aircraft guns, the commander gives orders, gunners were firing the guns.

Flaming German plane.

Soviet sentry at the flag.

Northern Fleet sailors pass.

Commander of the Northern Fleet, Admiral Golovko at the table.

Sentry guns.


Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

German alpine arrows pliers have a bite wire.

Fleeing German soldiers, shooting guns, explosions on the water.

The landing of German troops.

Passes a German tank fired German guns.

Burning houses, burning land.

German footage chronicles - the Germans in the occupied territories: the soldiers chase pigs, geese are, cook dinner, shave.

Awarding of the German soldiers.

German troops in the Murmansk region - are German soldiers passing tanks, planes at the airport.

German planes bombed the port of Murmansk, Murmansk lit, ruins, medics are wounded in a field hospital.


The surgeon removes the fragment.

Ruined Murmansk, on the street are captured German soldiers.

The sailors pulled out of the water the German parachute.

Concert for the defenders of Murmansk - applauded Soviet soldiers, ensemble playing, listening to sailors, the sea gulls (background the song "Farewell, rocky mountain").

Transfer to the Soviet seamen submarine, built by students of Novosibirsk.

Submarine takes submariner, the Hero of the Soviet Union Fisanovich.

Sailors on the submarine.

Rewarding Soviet submariners U.S. orders.

German aircraft and warships escorting transport ships of the Wehrmacht in the Arctic waters.

Aircraft pilots severomorsk swoop on German transport.

Germans charge the guns, shooting at Soviet aircraft.

Burning plane in the air, explosions on the water, sinking the ship.

With the German ship dropping depth charges.

German ships at sea.

Soviet submarine periscope above the water.

Commander of the boat N. Lunin looking through the periscope, gives a command, a German ship off (Lunin submarine attacked the Nazi battleship "Tirpitz").

Soviet submarines returned to base.

Volleys from a submarine (the number of enemy ships sunk).

Commander of the Northern Fleet, Admiral Golovko rewards sailors.

Sailors receive mail, read the letter, see the photo.

Sailors at the banquet.

Soviet submarine in the bay.

Submariners charged cannon volley, explosion.


Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Snowy field.

German soldiers are digging trenches.

Germans are heated by the fire, eating bread.

German General Dietl with the soldiers in the trenches.

The soldiers at the entrance to the dugout, General Dietl passes cigarettes soldier.

German soldiers drink cod liver oil.

Snowy German tanks German patrol.

Soviet patrol, Soviet soldiers are watching.

Soviet paratroopers go skiing, ride the reindeer.

Soviet soldiers run into the village, the Germans were firing out of the trench, unfolds reindeer.

Exploding bridge.

German soldiers prepare for battle, carrying guns, establish a telephone connection.

Shoot the German guns, tank battle.

Burning, destroyed Murmansk.

A ship in the harbor, working crane.

I. Papanin takes ships in the port of Murmansk Allied convoys.

Icebreaker "Siberians" captain Vladimir Voronin.

Ships at sea, a Soviet sailor looking through binoculars.

Periscope of a German U-boat, the ships are (shot through the periscope).

German officer looking through the periscope.

Soviet boat in the sea, the sailors throw depth charges.

Sailor looking through binoculars.

Bear on the deck.


Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Newspapers in English.

Multrabota - a map showing the path of the Allied merchant caravans, carrying cargo for the USSR.

Allied ships in the sea.

English sailor looks out the window.

British aircraft in the air.

German U-boat chase convoy - German submarine looks through the periscope, a German dive boat.

British plane swoops on German submarines, dropped bombs and explosions on the water.

Caravan allies in the sea.

English sailors on the ship.

German planes in the air.

English sailors wear helmets, sailors charged and induce gun, shoots the gun.

German plane in the air.

Ship explodes.

Falls into the sea German plane.

Allied ships in the sea.

Soviet sailor looking through binoculars, fleeing Soviet sailors.

Sailors firing of naval guns on German aircraft shells exploding in the air.

Signals of Soviet and Russian signalmen, German planes fired ships convoy.

Burning ship, the sailors from a sinking ship in the boat.

Burns and falls German plane.

Sinking ship, rescue sailors from a sinking ship.

German planes over the ship, the explosions on the water.

Sailing ships convoy.

Soviet boat in the sea, the sailors on the boat.

Sailors cooled gun barrel.

Dog on the deck.

Escort ships at sea.

Soviet pilot greets British sailors.

Ships in the port of Murmansk, unloading at the port.

American and British sailors in the port of Murmansk.

With Allied ships unload tanks, boxes with engines for tanks, ambulances.

Photo - U.S. and Soviet seamen on American cruiser "Murmansk".

American plane takes off, intended for Russia.

Photos I. Mazuruk pilot during the war.

Retired General I. Mazuruk recalls how he delivered the American combat aircraft on airway "Alaska-Siberia" in the war years (synchronously).


Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1941-1945.:


Flags of the USSR, the USA and England.

Are representatives of the Allied Powers.

Talking Soviet ambassador to the U.S. Gromyko and U.S. Ambassador to the USSR Averell Harriman.

1942 - The Soviet Embassy in London.

British pilots and their wives are in the embassy.


Churchill and Soviet Ambassador to the UK Maisky enter the hall.

May presents Soviet awards British pilots who defended Murmansk.

British pilots at the plane.

Photos of the Soviet pilot, Hero of the Soviet.

Union Boris Safonov with British pilots.

British pilots are ready to fly - dress outfit, sit in the cockpit.

British planes taking off.

Tundra landscape, running deer, reindeer sleigh rides.

Polar base.

For aircraft to drive up the reindeer.

Soars Flare, Soviet pilots board the plane, fly airplanes.

Planes in the air.

Photo by B. Safonov.

Anxiety at the German airport, fly German aircraft.


Flaming plane.

Bombardment of German submarine off the plane.

B. Safonov plane returned to the airport. B. Safonov gets out of the cockpit.

Awards Safonov. B. Safonov with pilots from the map.

Soviet planes in the air.

Explosions on the ground.

German soldier running through the trench, the explosions in the woods, shooting Soviet guns.

Shoot the German guns.

Soviet infantry offensive.

Marshal K. Meretskov looking through binoculars.

German soldiers were killed.

Advancing Soviet tanks.

Soviet soldiers dragged guns.

Soldiers climb over rocks.


Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Soviet paratroopers walk, loading the barge landing.

Firing naval guns.

The sailors on the boat.

German planes in the air, smoke and explosions in the water.

The landing of the Soviet troops.

Burning car, move the Soviet tanks.

Fighting for the town of Pechenga - soldiers fleeing the burning city, a fight in the street.

Soviet flag on the building, the German prisoners. G. Pechenga - Russian church, riding a tank, killed by the Germans, the defeated German technology.

Soviet troops liberated Kirkenes (Norway) - Soldiers walk past the border post, the ruined city, the Norwegians embrace the Soviet soldiers, refugees come out of the tunnel, go to the Norwegian children.

Soviet soldiers with the Norwegians.

Raise the Norwegian flag.

Soldier holding a boy.

Monument to Soviet soldiers in Norway.

The monument to fallen allies in Murmansk.

Murmansk port.

Ships in the port.

Icebreaker "Arktika" in the sea.

Unloading of foreign ships in port.

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