An Office In Moscow.. (1981)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Zenyakin A.

Script writers: Gurnov B.

Operators: Ermolaev L., Kiselev V., Lovkov V.

Anouncers: Kolychev U.


Film about the work of representative offices of foreign firms in Moscow.

Foreign policy | Economic cooperation

Policy | Sectors of the economy

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Moscow World Trade Center (Hammerovsky center), in view of the hall from the cabin descending elevator.

The fountain in the lobby center, elevator cars ascend, visitors center.

The conversation in the lobby.

People go up the stairs.

Fountain, the elevator car rises.

A man lights a pipe.

The man behind the desk in the office.

Premise foreign company.

Multi-storey buildings.

A car pulls up to the entrance of the building.

The streets of Moscow (shooting from the car).

The building CMEA. Ministry of Foreign Trade.

Ministry officials at the checkpoint.

The sign on the wall of the building.

Tablets with the names of foreign companies.

A woman picks up the phone.

Men dismantle folder.

The telephone.

People talking in the office.

The secretary is typing.

Man talking on the phone.

The girl's face.

The representative of the Italian chemical concern "Montegyusson" M.Reale driving.

The view from the car window.

Tells M.Reale.


The woman inserts the sheet into the typewriter, a man talking on the phone.

Says a representative of the company "Nokia" M.Saari.

Man takes off the shelf and opens the folder. M.Saari.

Tells Zh.

Danov. A.Sholler talking on the phone.

The sign of the company "Klekkner & Co." on the doors of the cabinet.

Tells A.Sholler.

Says a representative of the Japanese company "Sadeq" M.Namura.

Sakhalin shelf drilling station in the sea.

Work on the rig.

Meeting representatives of the USSR and Japan, the signing of contracts.

Flags of the USSR and Japan on the table.

Leningrad, sculpture, sailboat in front of the hotel "Saint Petersburg".

View of the Neva.

Fencing waterfront, people sit on the stairs.

Reflection in water.

Exchange Building.

Jewellery rostral columns.

Alternating: the participants of the auction, samples of furs.

Chronicle of the 1940s:

Trading on the stock exchange.

People on the streets of the city.

Trade Meeting.

A man with a pipe.

People talk near the information desk.

Congress of the International Cooperative Alliance, the types of rooms.

Poster of the Congress over the entrance to the hotel "Cosmos".

Stella the entrance to the Museum of Cosmonautics.


Leonid Brezhnev during the signing of documents.

Operators are shooting.

Tells A.Hammer.

Portrait of Lenin with a dedication to A.Hammera.


The sign on the gate of Togliatti enterprise "Transammiak."

Constructions Plant.

The workers of the enterprise.

Panorama of the plant.

The ship at the pier.

Chronicle of 1920:

Unloading the ship.

Freight train driven agricultural machinery.

Panorama railway depot.

Women and children go through the village.

Factory pipe.

Parking lot of new agricultural machinery.

Parking of cars on the background of harbor cranes.

Port cranes on the river is the tug.

Logo of international maritime transport.

View of Moscow from the windows of the building of the CMEA. View of the Comecon from the overpass.

The building CMEA, shooting out of the car.

People on the streets of Moscow.

Alternation: in the hands of people walking on the street with the symbols of the packets of foreign firms, the driver of "Kamaz", working on the rig.

Trucks of the French firm.

Cargo delivery accompanied by emergency services.

Posters Foreign partner companies.

Press in the factory shop.

Tells Zh.


Donetsk region, Gorlovka plant.

Factory workers.

Delivery of foreign equipment.

View of the highway near the plant.

Tells M.Reale.

The representatives of the USSR and Italy sign an agreement.

Institute "Giproorhim."

Meeting the staff of the Institute.

Factory construction.

Specialists working in the control room.

Loading of bulk materials.

Crane at work.

View of the port, parking containers.

Transport of container.


Pipes foreign production.

Cargo at the port, containers, harbor cranes (shooting from the car).

Leningrad engineers.

The signing of the document by representatives of the USSR and Germany.

Tells A.Sholler.

Engineers building layout.

View of the taiga from the cockpit of the helicopter.

View of the dam of Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP. Workers drilling a joint Soviet-Japanese enterprise.

The helicopter flies over the station.

Helicopter on the platform.

The workers met the Japanese representatives.

Tells M.Namura.

Workers drilling.

View of the drilling station from the air.

People on the platform.

Raising the flag.

At the microphone heads of the company.

Workers drilling.

The helicopter flies away.

Cranes carry loads.

Advertising leaflets.

The meeting of trade representatives of the USSR and Finland.

Finnish equipment for the Odessa cable factory.

People come into the elevator.

Managers at the controls.

Alternation: operators working on computers, electronic scoreboard readings at competitions in the Luzhniki Stadium.

Tells M.Saari.

Experts are studying foreign equipment.

Institute of Experimental Pathology and Therapy of Cancer AMS USSR (now Russian Oncological Scientific Center named after NN Blokhin).

Monument at the entrance.

Experts of the center.

Patients in the wards, foreign medical equipment.


Doctors center.

Surgeons with the patient in the operating room.

Blokhin says.

The operator with the camera.

Hospital staff prepare instruments.

Medical facilities in the Moscow International Exhibition "Healthcare-80".

The device "artificial lung".

The device "artificial heart".

A man sits in a chair apparatus "artificial kidney" and looked at pictures.

Features of the device.

Laser scalpel.

Advertisement / O "Litsenzintorg."

Certificates and licenses.

Representatives of the company "Mitsui" cut the ribbon at the opening of the exhibition stand.

People see the equipment the company "Mitsui".

Machining center Ivanovo Machine Tool Plant, workers demonstrate the work of the center.

Engineers Ivanovo KB.

Leningrad Optical-Mechanical Association: professionals working with electron microscopes.

Workers assemble parts.


Preparations for the shipment.

The driver in the cab of the crane.

Loading operations.

Port cranes on the shore of the river boats go.

Meeting of the Soviet and Japanese partners.

The man behind the desk in the office.

People relax in a summer cafe.

Man photographs.

Women near the cage at the zoo.

Walk on the boat.

People ride bikes in the park.


Trotting racing at the Central Moscow Hippodrome.

Fashion show.

Dance group on stage.

The audience in the boxes.

Statuette of Mercury.

The award ceremony "Golden Mercury".

Moscow late in the evening.

Official reception of the company "Mitsui".

Fragment of an interview during a trip to the airport.

Alternation: a representative of the company "Mitsui", the view from the car window.

View of Moscow from the windows of the building of the CMEA.

Key words

Import. Export. Trade. Economy.


A. Hammer - American businessman of Russian origin, MD, a collector.
LI Brezhnev - State and party leader, Marshal of the Soviet Union, Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of Socialist Labor, the General Secretary of the CPSU.
NN Blokhin - Oncology surgeon, Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences and Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, a public figure.


1981 1940s 1920s


Ivanovo region
Irkutsk region
Sakhalin Region
Samara region

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