Steel of Filipov Alexander Ivanovich (metallurgical engineer).. (1989)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Egorov YU.

Script writers: Egorov YU.

Operators: Simakov S.


About the perspective method of steel conversion, which is called after its inventor engineer-metallurgist Aleksand Ivanovich Philipov.

Professions | Industry

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Reel №1

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Two opposing trains go past each other.

Truck water obstacles.

Bulldozer shoveling soil.

Traffic on the street.

Bucket rakes the ground.

Operates drilling rigs.

Riding a bulldozer.

Forging machine handles a hot steel bar.

Lathe in action.

The rolling mill.

Voronezh excavator plant.

Shop, is assembling an excavator.

Welder at work.

Gives interviews (synchronously) chief metallurgist plant Yury Didyk of required quality steel.

Testbench to verify the tensile strength of steel.

Metallurgist at work.

For melting watches Alexander Filippov, the creator of a new method of manufacturing high quality steel, called "FAI".

Alexander Filippov says (synchronous and behind the scenes) on a new method of melting steel.

Metallurg shovel throws in a special blend of the furnace.

Animation: a visual explanation of the method of obtaining high-quality steel by the method of the FAI.

Pouring molten steel, metallurgy work for AI Filippov demonstrates casting obtained by using his method.

Comparison of parts molded by the old and new technologies.

The process of coating the form of non-stick paint.

Cleansing the casting of metal penetration using a jackhammer.

Processing of metal grinding machine.

Welder at work.

Chief metallurgist plant Yuri Didyk says (synchronously) on the economic effect of the method of the FAI. Excavator shows its capabilities.

Work in the shop, welding.

Voronezh Production Association "Rudgormash."

Work in the shop, welding.

Assembling the self-propelled drilling rigs.

Chief Metallurgist association Valery Klotz says (synchronous and behind the scenes) on the application of the method of the FAI in its production.

PNRM. bottom-up self-propelled drilling rigs.

Demonstration units and mechanisms of action of the drilling rig.

Shop metallurgical production, mill.

Tractor factory, parking finished products plant.

Passenger plane takes off.


Voronezh region