For high speeds. (1976)

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Producer LSDF

Director: V. Gulin

Other authors: N. Ivannikov, Yu. Ignatenko, A. Nikiforov, I. Petrov, S. Runge, B. Titov, V. Chepov


The film tells about the new high-speed trains on the Moscow-Leningrad line and the prospects for the development of high-speed rail traffic in the USSR.

Trains | Science

Transportation | Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

High-speed electric train on the way.

A jet plane takes off.

The hydrofoil boat is on the Neva River.

Cars on the city highway.

A high-speed electric train passes by.

Views of the Red Square, the 50th Anniversary of October Square, Kalininsky Prospekt in Moscow.

The entrance to the Institute of railway transport research Institute of MPs.

Employees of one of the laboratories of the institute at work.

View of the laboratory part.

Doctor of Technical Sciences V. G. Inozemtsev talks about the challenges facing scientists in the transport industry, increasing the speed of movement of all types of transport (synchronously).

View of the Kirov Plant.

There is a railway train with K-700 tractors on the platforms.

High-speed electric train on the way.

Panorama and views of the composition of the high-speed electric train ER-200.

The driver and his assistant enter the cab of the locomotive.

The driver at the control panel.

View of the railway track.

Landscape outside the window of a high-speed train.

The driver in the cab of the locomotive.

The train goes at high speed, passes under the bridge.

Interior view of the saloon car.

Rotating seats in the passenger car.

Lighting in salon of the car.

The driver is in the cab.

Speed indicator on the dashboard.

Landscape outside the car window.

An employee of the Research Institute of Railway Transport in the driver's cab during an experimental flight.

The duty officer at the Babino station accepts a request from the driver about the presence of a free stage, reports on a free stage (synchronously).

The train is on its way.

View of the experimental track machine station No. 1.

Laying of railway tracks for high-speed trains.

Work of the laying train, laying of new rails.

An oncoming freight train passes by the stowage train.

The process of laying a non-jointed path.

View of a part of the trackbed of a non-jointed track (from above).

Engineers and scientists discuss the project of modernization of the switch economy.

Part of the new switch layout.

The dispatcher at the remote control of the arrow translation.

The work of the crosspiece with a movable core on the new switch.

Carrying out experimental work on the new switch.

Testers in the compartment of the car take readings.

The process of translating the arrow.

The train passes the arrow without slowing down.

Testers in the compartment take readings of control devices.

The high-speed train ER-200 is on its way.

Wheels of cars passing the arrow.

Assembly of wheel sets with a new brake system for rolling stock.

Operation of a conventional design with brake pads.

A passenger train passes by.

The driver's actions when braking with the new system.

Type of disc brakes of the wheelset.

Work magnetoresistor brakes.

View of the new air distributor of the brake system.

The inhibitory composition.

The staff of TSNII MPs in the lab conducting an experiment with automatic traffic lights in the cab.

Traffic lights that light up at traffic lights.

The traffic light installed in the driver's cab.

High-speed train controls.




Leningrad region

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Internal views of one of the traction substations on the Moscow-Leningrad line, devices and equipment of the substation.

Types of contact and traction network on a railway line.

View of a special fence erected along the entire length of the high-speed line.

View of the part of the settlement located behind the fence.

Children collect flowers at the fence.

The station attendant goes to the platform.

Passengers on the platform, the train passes by the station.

Vehicles move along the overpass over the high-speed line.

Passengers descend the stairs to the platform.

The train passes under the overpass, cars on the overpass.

View of the overpass part.

A high-speed train during tests at the Belorechensk-Maykop test site of the North Caucasus Railway.

The driver in the cab of the locomotive.

Testers in the passenger car monitor the readings of control devices while studying the interaction of the track and rolling stock.

One of the high-speed trains runs along the Oktyabrskaya Highway.

Newsreel of 1958: view of the Moscow railway station in Leningrad.

The train is at the platform.

The train crew before departure of the flight.

High-speed trains are on the way.

Participants of the seminar, held by the Research Institute on speed problems, climb the stairs to the assembly hall.

Registration of participants of the seminar.

Types of the seminar hall, the faces of the seminar participants.

The high-speed train ER-200 is on its way.

View of the Moscow Railway Station building.

Views and panorama of the high-speed express RT-200.

Type of locomotive CHS-200.

Interior view of the driver's cab, train controls.

Technicians check the technical condition of the wheelsets.

Technician V. Beranik talks about the production in Czechoslovakia of the first two high-speed experimental electric locomotives for the USSR, about testing locomotives and the prospects for their operation (synchronously).

Czechoslovak specialists check the electrical equipment of one of the locomotives.

Operation of the pneumatic spring suspension system.

Interior view of the saloon car.

RT-200 electric train during operational tests.

Test driver in the locomotive cab.

Operation of control devices, types of railway tracks.

Testers in the passenger car and cab.

Taking readings of control devices.

Determination of the impact of vibrations and noises on the human body at high speed under laboratory conditions.

Test subject with sensors connected to the body and head.

The work of the recorder.

High-speed train RT-200 during operational tests.

Interior view of the waiting room of the Moscow railway station.

Passengers are boarding.

Passengers take their seats in the passenger car.

View of a part of a high-speed train during passenger boarding.

The controls of the train.

Mourners wave goodbye.

The train leaves for Moscow.

Passengers in the passenger car while driving read newspapers, play chess.

The barmaid pours coffee to the passengers in the train buffet, the barmaid's face.

Passengers in the passenger car.

Landscapes outside the car window.

Passing oncoming freight trains.

High-speed trains are on the way.