Roads of friendship. (1985)

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Producer LSDF

Director: Yu.Zanin

Script writers: Yurij Smirnov

Operators: N.Volkov, Yu.Nikolaev, B.Titov

Recordist: L.Lerner


In June 1985, in Hokkaido took place "far Eastern meeting," the Soviet and the Japanese public. For this reason the film recalls some milestones in the development of relations between Russia and Japan.

International cooperation | International organizations | Towns and countries | Economic cooperation | Social life

Space | Foreign policy | Policy | Geography and Nature | Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The Soviet delegation is being met on the island of Hokkaido.

A brass band is playing.

Demonstration of opponents of Soviet-Japanese friendship.

Meeting of the Soviet and Japanese delegations at the Hokkaido-85 conference.

450 delegates are participating.

The participants are welcomed by the Governor of Hokkaido.

Speeches of the participants.

The Japanese delegation arrives in the Soviet Far East.

The Japanese delegation is planting a tree.

The Japanese visited a kindergarten.

Conference of the Soviet and Japanese public in Moscow.

Agreements are signed between governments.

A seagull over the sea.

Chronicle of 1921:

Abo and Kawauchi pilots are met at the Moscow airfield after the Tokyo-Moscow flight.

A rally dedicated to this event.

The Japanese Ambassador thanks the Muscovites for the warm welcome.

The participants of the rally throw the pilots up.

The scientist tells about the first meetings of Russian people with the Japanese in Peter's time.

Vintage photos of St.


Photo of students who studied Japanese in St.


Government Bulletin of September 3, 1882 with the announcement of the arrival in St.

Petersburg of the Japanese Prince Vice-Chancellor Arisugawa Nomiya.

Vintage photos of St.


Photos of St.

Petersburg University.

Photo of a Japanese prince.

A collection of books donated by the prince from his personal library.

Vladislav Goriglad, Head of the Department of Japanese Philology at Leningrad University, tells.

A boat is sailing along the Neva River past St.

Isaac's Cathedral.

Chronicle of 1942:

Besieged Leningrad.

Key words

USSR - Japan


Yaponskij princ, vice-kancler Arisugava Nomiya.
Vladislav Goriglyad, zaveduyuschij kafedroj yaponskoj filologii Leningradskogo universiteta.


1921 1942


St. Petersburg
Far East

History; Economic cooperation
Sectors of the economy

Reel №2

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Chronicle of 1941-1944:

Bombed Atlanteans in the Hermitage.

Empty picture frames.

German planes are bombing Leningrad.

The houses of Leningrad are burning.

The dead Leningraders.

Composer D. Shostakovich writes music near the stove-bourgeoisie.

Ships are shooting at the Leningrad roadstead.

Victory salute.

Remove the disguise of the Admiralty spire.

Photos of the keepers of the Japanese prince's book collection.

During the blockade, all 3465 volumes of books from the Japanese collection were preserved.

Japanese artist collects ikebana.

The Japanese demonstrate folk costumes.

A delegation of Japanese businessmen is traveling through the Soviet Union.

The mayor of the city of Maizuru arrived in the city of Nakhodka.

The port of Nakhodka.

Container terminal of Nakhodka.

The coast of Nakhodka.

Views of the city on the island of Hokkaido.

Demonstration of the forces of the opponents of Soviet-Japanese cooperation.

Arrival of the Soviet delegation to Hokkaido.

Buses with the delegation go from the port to the city.

Meeting of the representative of the Soviet Far East with the mayor of the city of Maizuru.

Participants of the Soviet-Japanese Friendship conference Hokkaido'85.

Akado Toshiharo, a member of parliament from the Socialist Party of Japan, tells.

The plane arrives in Khabarovsk.

A Japanese delegation headed by Akado Toshiharo, who arrived at the first Far Eastern meeting in 1984, gets off the plane.

The work of the meeting participants.

Participants are greeted with bread and salt.

The Russian folk ensemble performs.

In Hokkaido, the Soviet delegation gets acquainted with the tea ceremony.


Akado Tosiharo, deputat parlamenta ot Socialisticheskoj partii Yaponii.
Shostakovich D.D. - sovetskij kompozitor




Khabarovsk Krai

World War II; Economic cooperation; Traditions and customs
History; Sectors of the economy; National culture; Culture and Arts

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A park in Sapporo.

Kusamo Nikai Children's Society.

Children of the Japanese society are resting in Artek.

Tells a boy from the city of Kyoto.

The children board the ship and return to Japan.

Japanese children sing Russian songs.

Japanese children feed pigeons.

Chronicle of 1961:

Streets of a Japanese city.

Says Stanislav Nosov, Director of Lesexport.

Chronicle of 1961:

Children with polio.

Demonstrations of Japanese residents for the supply of vaccines from the USSR.

Says Dr.


Says Stanislav Nosov, Director of Lesexport.

The arrival of the polio vaccine from the USSR.

Photos of vaccinations of Japanese children against polio.

Chronicle of 1961:

Japanese children.

Says Dr.


The doctor accompanies the film crew.

Says the deputy of the House of Representatives of the Japanese Parliament from the ruling party Abe Fumio.

Says the chairman of the Soviet delegation, member of the CPSU Central Committee Alexei Cherny.

The Soviet delegation is sailing home.

Key words

Artek. Children's camps. Polio. Vaccine Vaccination. Friendship.


Stanislav Nosov, direktor firmi Leseksport.
Abe Fumio, deputat palati predstavitelej yaponskogo parlamenta ot pravyaschej partii.
Aleksej Chernij, chlen CK KPSS.




Khabarovsk Krai

Society, social activities and community organizations; Medicine; Childhood and youth
Social life; Science